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We have implemented numerous Wonderware Intouch SCADA systems, varying in complexity from simple standalone to network wide applications, utilising ACCESS and SQL databases where required.

Complex scripting is used in order to meet any specific functions you may specify. The latest Archestra graphics can also be incorporated for that professional polished look and feel.

Wonderware SCADA systems can communicate with any PLC on the market via the use of the extensive I/O server library.












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Wonderware programmers

Wonderware programmer



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Wonderware Programmers

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We are not tied to any sector as automated systems are found in many industries including aerospace, automotive, biotech, chemical, commercial and institutional, defense and military, electronic, food and beverage, forest and wood products (forestry and timber), gas and oil, government, manufacturing, marine, material handling, medical, metals, microelectronics and semiconductors, mining, packaging, petro chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, power plants and utilities, printing, pulp and paper, telecommunications, textiles, transportation, fresh water and waste water treatment, airports, seaports, waste processing and recycling.
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